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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands


Our goal is to expose children to goodness. Good habits, good influences, and how to be good to one another. We give clear examples of what we teach but expect and accept different results from our young students. We try to identify areas of concern and will confer with the parents or care-givers. First and foremost, we want our preschool students to be happy, confident, and interested in the world around them.

Our Home

Preschool classes are held in the education building at Christ Episcopal Church in the North Hills of Pittsburgh. The large classroom for the 3 and 4 year-olds features dedicated areas for the many activities of the school day. The carpeted center area is ideal for circle time and group activities. The two side play areas have toys that encourage children to pretend, build, and play. The table area is for snack time and art activities. The classroom also has separate boys’ and girls’ restroom with smaller fixtures for the Preschool child. The Great Start room is a comfortable space with carpeted play area on one side of the room and a snack/activity table on the other. From the second floor, the children can walk directly out to our fenced-in playground. An electronic “key” system restricts access to the building.

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Special Programs

Throughout the year, the preschool classes welcome many visitors which have included the Carnegie Museum, Northland Library, the Charlie Check First Program, Latadomi Nature Center and many more. Field trips for the three and four-year-old classes have included trips to the National Aviary, the Children’s Museum, Soergel’s Orchard, and Animal Friends among others. During the year, the preschool also offers screenings for hearing, speech, and vision difficulties. We encourage families to be active in their child’s preschool experience by chaperoning field trips. Parents also assist in planning holiday parties with snacks, crafts, and games.

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