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Prices & Payment Options

Annual Tuition

Great Start Classes:    $1260
Three-Year Olds:    $1395
Four-Year Olds:    $1575

For convenience, the annual tuition may be broken down into nine equal payments with monthly payments starting in June.

A discount of 5% is offered if tuition is paid in three equal payments (Jun/Sep/Dec) or in one lump sum (June).  

A 10% siblings discount off the total tuition is offered to families with multiple children enrolled at the Preschool at the same time.

Methods of Paying

•    Payments can be made with checks made out to Christ Church Preschool mailed to our treasurer:  
Jan Krotine

107 Colwyn Drive

Pittsburgh, PA 15237

•    Payments can be made at the Preschool by dropping off an envelope in the Preschool wall mailbox located near the Waiting Room.


•    Credit card payments can be made online at
There is a 2% charge to use this site which must be included with your payment

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